How to kickstart your fitness journey?

Priyanka Prasad
3 min readNov 19, 2020

Are you someone who feels like “errhh, who will follow a diet”, “who will measure food”, “why not just eat for now, will probably start from tomorrow”?

Procrastination is our biggest enemy! We keep procrastinating things, only to realize, it’s high time we start it. When this realisation kicks in, it’s either too late or the circumstances are just not that conducive.

So why do we keep procrastinating. Humans by nature are more gravitated towards comfort.

“The comfort zone is a psychological state in which one feels familiar, safe, at ease, and secure. You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Roy T. Bennett

It’s our comfort in the food that we eat, the sedentary lifestyle we live, the on-demand services we get, that we refuse to challenge ourselves. The more comfortable we get, the more we keep sliding into the shackles of constant procrastination of putting our health and fitness for tomorrow.

What bothers me the most is, Food and activity which was supposed to be an elementary part of our daily lifestyle, like taking a bath or brushing our teeth, we have managed to make it a job, which we keep putting it off for tomorrow. Over the years, what we didn’t realize was that we have excluded health and fitness from our lifestyle altogether which is why it makes it so difficult for us to even kickstart our fitness journey in the first place. And so the million dollar question: How do we start our fitness journey?

Making lifestyle changes is indeed a difficult task and we may not feel up to it by looking at the sheer magnanimity of it. However, what we can do is, we can surely set small goals and introduce small changes in our daily routines which can be rather achievable. Can’t we?

You want to lose 10kgs, well that is a big goal. In another 5 years it might become 20 kgs. Who knows? So let’s set a small goal, for instance, trying to achieve quantified and clean eating for the next 7 days and taking out 20 minutes for strength training for at least 5 days this week.

Like for example, what I do is I set a weekly goal for myself:

1. Clean and quantified eating everyday, and

2. 5–6 days of workout in a week

My daily schedule looks like this:

I wake up, brush my teeth, work-out for 40 minutes, take a shower, prepare my full day meal, which takes me around 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours (as I prepare for myself and my husband) have my meal and I then get to work. This, I make sure I complete before noon. Once I have done it, I feel relaxed and content which if I don’t, I feel something amiss. The days I feel sore or not upto working out, I go out for a jog or a run or do yoga.

Setting small goals is important because this will pave your way to achieving your bigger goals. It will also introduce a sense of discipline and satisfaction, which will make you feel in control of your actions. With the help of these small goals, I have been achieving my fitness goals and I hope this will help you in kickstarting your fitness journey and will help you in achieving your fitness goals.

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